Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What I should be doing...

So I should be more focused on doing my homework and studying for classes. I have a midterm scheduled for tomorrow (2/26) but I'm not ready for it...who am I kidding, I'm never ready for any exams...LOL. I'm such a procrastinator. Last summer I wanted to kick this bad habit of mine so I bought a book on ways to avoid wasting time and not to procrastinate. To start my routine, I would read this book daily to get tips on how to use my time wisely and to work on my priorities. It worked really well for a WEEK, then distractions and nothing...back to my bad habits. I even signed the Go Home Early List today to have more time to study. They did let me off at 2:30 pm an hour an a half early but look at what I'm doing now. Ha, will never work. UGH...I need an easy button. Here is what I have been working on, since I haven't been working on school stuff:

This was my first ATC (artist trading cards) which was a lot of fun to make! I wasn't sure how to do them but Lee Anne posted instructions from Split Coast Stampers on how to do it. Thanks, Lee Anne. The winter blues ATC cards were for something blue in the cards. I can't wait to do more!
Okay, now back to the studying!

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  1. Analyn - your ATCs are gorgeous! i'm in the swap too - hope i get one of yours :)