Sunday, July 31, 2011


~7.31.2011  3:33pm  txt~
Mung: I miss hearing ur voice, ur laugh, u calling me mung, princess and sweetheart.  I love u babe.
Pung: Hey babe...sorry i havent called or texted but ive been werking an sleepin alot...this job an heat    
have been kicking my ass...i went in to work at 7 am yesterday and didn't get off till midnight! today is ma only day off and im just trying to recover...
Mung: Babe- i wanna get a tatto with ur name on me.  where should i put it?
Pung: uh tattoos r bad luck love...
Mung: why u got my name on u. 2 bad it came off. what r u saying?
Pung: idk babes im not really saying anything..i feel like after i got your name on me thats when you left...
Mung: but we r still 2gether
Pung: i know but its what not the one that came up with that one...everybody tells me that...
Mung: ur not the one who came up with what? everybody tells u what?
Pung: that getting someones name tattoed on you is bad luck
Mung: oh.  i love u tho  i useed 2 say that 2.  remember how i reacted when u came home 2 show me what dumbo did 2 ur chest?
Pung: yea..its what ev though love
Mung: when we get married then.  ill put ur name on my body
Pung: aight then lover...its a deal...
Mung: pinky promise?
Pung: yupperz...babie love let me text u later...i wanna ya
Mung: ok. me 2. im tired. love u 2. muah beso baby.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Blogger:

What's up with my blog? what does it mean that I've exceeded my bandwith? Photobucket?  After 100 successful posts, is this the time you hit me up with charges?  Do I have to pay now to "upgrade" my service? Help me please.... 


CAS-ual Friday ~ 1st Challenge

What's up?  ... You're one of my nicest thoughts!
dets: all a|s unless noted: CS: sugar, gingham: buttercup, sage and grass; Stamps: Vintage A Muse, ovalicious, woodland friends, friends fur-ever; Inks: sky, french roast, memento black; Copics: E33; Other: Kawaii tape (green washi tape)
Happy Friday, blogworld! 

Today I get a chance to participate in my first CAS-ual Friday!

click on picture to go to CAS-ual Friday blog
CAS-ual Friday challenges focuses on the "Clean and Simple" style of card making.  They embrace the white spaces and the simplicity of cards.  I love A Muse Studio products because they too love the clean and simple look. 

My A Muse Studio business is off to a very good start and I want to be really good at what I do. What I challenged myself is to participate in challenges to let my creative juices flow and to get better at my trade.  These challenges are a great starting off point especially since I get to learn different techniques and go "out of the box".

For this challenge, we had to create a 4x9 card. I've never made a long and short card.  It took me a while to think of what I actually wanted to do. I even cut the cardstock wrong! It's okay tho.

 Karen Baker's Critters of the sea was so cute, I had to force myself not to use the a|s whale in "keep swimmin'". 

The cool thing about this challenge is that they have sponsors who gives away prizes.  Who can turn away from a chance to win cool stuff?  Bonus ~ Sweet!!! This week is Lawn Fawn, a company that sells cute clear polymer stamps.  The winner wins a $25 gift certificate from their company.  Check out their website:

Talk about awesome sauce! 

Happy TGIF, everyone and keep stamping! 

To purchase any a|s products, shop at my webstore:
orders over $150 gets free stuff!

email me to get your free products:
analynm808 {at} gmail {dot} com

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

His Holy Name: Sovereign

His Holy Name: Sovereign

"How great you are, O Sovereign Lord: There is no one like you.  We have never even heard of another God like you."
2 Samuel 7: 22 NLT
God's Sovereignty is something I really couldn't grasp my head around.  I don't think that I will ever truely get "God's" concept of how great He is!  It's because I am human, and He is God, we will never fully understand the fullness of Him.  But He is God and He does make it simpler for us...
He tells us "I am the I am" 
Wow, I am so in awe of everything He is.  To me, His Sovereignty encompasses ALL that He is! That's the trippy part of it~All - everything, never ending, eternal, righteous, beginning and the end, ect...cuz I can go on and on!

As I reread my scripture and the story behind the verse, my mind is blown away again!
These verses prior to my verse tells us about David winning against the Phillistines. As he returns to the City of David, he is dancing, praying, and worshiping as he brings the Ark of God home. 
At home he realizes that he is living in a posh palace while the Ark of the Lord is in a tent. 
 He then sends for Nathan and shares with him this new dilema. 
God reveals to Nathan his future plans for Kind David. 

Pretty much God tells Nathan ~ "I've had it good, I've lead my people out of Egypt and I've always lived in a tent - cloud by day, fire by night - so tell David, I'm all good.  Now, David's gonna trip because he's gonna have a nicer posh palace, a dynasty of kings, and he's gonna be lengend - wait for it - ary! (for those who watch How I Met Your Mother - Barney Stinston).  My homeboy David has been a sheepherder as a boy, as a man, a King.  He's gonna have an heir to the throne who will build my temple. A carpenter to say the least.  I will secure his royal throne forever. 
King David's lineage will forever be known because of ME."

As Nathan shares God's message, David does trip out because he realizes who he is and who God really is.  He then gives God glory and worships him.  My favorite verse is this:

Then King David went in and sat before the Lord and prayed,
"Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?"
2 Sam. 7: 18

See, we are merely nothing without Our Heavenly Father.  He chose US to be a part of His family ~ the Sovereignty part is this: He knew us before we sinned, while we sinned, and after our sinning.  His grace is there because of His Sovereignty and Love.

My all time favorite chapter:
*Psalms 139*
My all time favorite verses:
*vs. 17-18*

Take time out to reflect on God's Sovereignty today.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

You are...
dets: CS: a|s sugar, bubble gum, latte, generic dark brown cs; Stamps: a muse blossom branch w/bird, a|s elegant elements;
Inks: a|s slate, mememto black; Copics: RV25, YR00, B32,YG23, RV13.

inside card

This card is inspired by my favorite tree: the Cherry Blossom. 
I love the colors and how it represents the evanescent nature of life: blooming and the fall.  I would so love to see these beautiful trees in real life in Japan.  That would be a winter wonderland.  
My other inspiration is a local artist: Artby Winette.  She showcases her work at Borders at Ward Center.  Oh, I just thought, Borders is going to be closing soon, I hope she has another location! 
The link takes you directly to her website: her Cherry blossom collection. It would be nice to have a three-four panel piece in my craft room, in my beautiful two story  I know, I'm dreaming. 
I found her work through my best friend's sister.  I find really facinating stuff by Facebook stalking others ('s not like I'm the only one!)  It has (sadly) become a huge habit of mine. 
I hope you enjoyed today's card.  My challenge is to try to make a card a day.  I really want to become good at what I do, so that means practice!!! 
Have a terrific Tuesday!  

1st Mojo Monday Challenge

1st Mojo challenge
dets: a|s CS: sugar, watermelon, blue gingham, papaya; Stamps: birthday builder; Inks: cranberry, orange, ocean, grass, and papaya;
 Others: bic markers and yellow floss

My first Mojo Monday Challenge!!! 
I've been wanting to make cards but I haven't had mojo in my brain lately...then,
I stumbled on this blog: Mojo Monday and there you have it.
Creativity at hand yet again! 
 I love the fact that there are so many resouces that helps with the brain juices
flowing into my left brain-or is it right brained? lol...
I just realized that the sketch added buttons or something to the bottom right side of the card.  Oh well-another blunder is that when I fully completed my card, I realized that I folded it one inch short on the back end!  OMG, I didn't see my mistake until the very end!
UGH...oh well...
Happy Monday, everyone!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

In memory....

In memory of Josh...
a drawing left on his guest book
It's been 4 years today.... I read a blog titled "Three Knocks on the door". 
I was speechless with tears in my eyes.  The story was about a woman who was married to a marine of five years.  Just a few days ago, she had a nightmare come to life.  There stood three men in uniform with the most horrible news anyone (any military family) would not want to hear.  It's heartwenching news...
Here's the link to the story...I would not be able do the story justice.

My prayers for comfort and strength goes out to Mary Dudley and her family.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A*Muse*A*Palooza 2011

August 22 ~ September 30th, 2011

What is it? 
It's A Muse Studio's week long extravaganza stamp event!
I've been in <3 with A Muse for a few years now and have not had the chance to play along.  This year, as a consultant we got a chance to get to see the new holiday catalog a month early to get ready for the extravagant affair. 
I'm super duper excited because ALL the products are WONDERFUL!!!

Would you like to see the new products? 
Wanna book the next A*Muse*A*Palooza event?
email me at: analynm808 at gmail dot com

**i've been typing out my email addy bc i've been receiving a few more spam than normal**

For the current Catalog:

You'll be hearing from me soon!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thank u, Jesand!!!

I support the military wholeheartedly and I wanted to say thank u to my niece, who recently joined the Army National Guard.  It's a very girlie card, she's not very girlie but i really liked the pink military outfit. 

Here are other cards i've made for the Rock Church Military Ministry:

Jesand's card was intended to be sent to her for 4th of July but I didn't see her.
I will have a chance to give it to her at the end of the month for the BKP's (Broke Kids Project) party. It's her music collaboration with her friends and cousin.

Here's the link to her Facebook music page.

Enjoy and support her!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

2nd a|s workshop

Elegant Summer Event
July 10, 2011  6pm - 8:30 pm

The girls created 3 wonderful cards, inspired by A Muse's Ready to Roll Workshops.  I love those workshops!  They are fairly easy, the measurements are already listed so I just cut the pieces for my class and they just put it together! 

I did have 2 cancellations so I had 2 extra sets of cards and treat bags.  It's all good tho, now i get to use them for future workshops. 

and now from the Guestbook:

LM (the BFF's sister):
"Hi, Analyn- I had fun today.  Easy cards to make.  Thanks for inviting me! :)

VM (the dedicated BFF):
"My Fave card was the "just keep swimming" card..I got to rip paper to make sand! Very cool! and making the goodie bag project w/ candies."

AV (the BFF's daughter)-
*She got to use more of the Greeting Farm stamps and she created cartoons filled with doggies and military Ians*

Next month's workshop:
Tini Time!!!

Visit my webstore for next month's spotlight

email me to reserve a spot for next month

Happy Birthday, Phebe

Happy 26th (  Birthday, Phebe!!
dets: CS: latte and sugar; Stamps: imaginisce-cupcake and essential sentiment: happy birthday; Inks: amuse dye black;
Copics: BG10, Y17, RV25, B04;  Other: washi tape from Kawaii tape and multiliner pen.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


<3 Sweet!!! <3
i love starbucks!
nothing beats Java Chip Frappaccino by the pool
 @ Mililani Launani

It was a sweet day 7.8.2011.
My sister invited me to hang out with her and her husband at Mililani Launani where he works as a landscaper.  Our sewing class was cancelled for some reason and it was a good excuse to be outside.
I'm glad I went, my sister had to convince me to go.  I even got some planking done!  See my FB. :) LOL...

After the pool sesh, i got to make for a friend of mine for her anniversary and another for my Impact 195 project. 
Happy Anniversary, Wil and Brenda!
dets: CS: sugar; Stamps: essential sentiments, love and joy, wedding couple and mad for plaids;
inks: amuse dye black, Other: stitched grosgrain-ocean, and diamond stickles.

What's the scoop?
dets: CS: sugar, sage, vintage green; Stamps: the scoop; Inks: amuse dye black;
Copics: YG13 and YG23; Other: washi tape from Kawaii Tape

At 6:30pm, my other sister picked me up for Fuse~a young adult ministry hosted by New Hope Sand Island.  It was a sweet event, worship time was awesome!  All I want is to be used by God~whatever that is.  We fuss and rant and rave about our daily lives~
the speaker told us to just give our frustrations to Him. 
I was reminded about Revelations 8:3.
"Then another angel with a gold incense burner came and stood at the altar. 
And a great amount of incense was given to him to mix with the prayers of God's people as an offering on the gold altar before the throne."  (emphasis mine)
God hears our prayers-He knows our voices!
I pray that our prayers are a sweet auroma to Him!
I am His beloved and He is mine!
<3 <3 <3

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Page: Impact 195

Impact 195 is the sending arm to The Rock Church Missions.  The vision is to have an impact in this world, to be a world changer, and to have missionaries sharing the Good News in all 195 countries.
link to

A dear friend of mine will be traveling next month to Mali, Africa.  She will be with eight others to share the Good News using the art of storytelling to unreached and unengaged people groups there. 

Please see my new page on how to support my friend - Jenn Chen.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

His Holy Name: Almighty God

Almighty God

Revelations 1:8
"I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was and which is to come,
The Almighty."
Our God is Almighty. Almighty meaning he can do all things, see all things, hear all things, touch all things, DO ALL things...don't you get it? 


We serve a mighty GOD! 
What ever we need and ask of He can do!

This is one thing I can not wrap my mind around...He is so amazing in this way that I can not begin to fathom how wonderful this attribute of God is.  We think of our daily lives and become so frustrated about the little things.  If one can just think of just this one attribute of how ALMIGHTY our GOD is everything else is just gravy!!!
There are days when life seems to get me down but I remember that as long as I know who
and what He is, I shouldn't worry about the dailies of life.

Isn't it wonderfully amazing how Almighty our God is?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lani!

Life's a breeze...Happy Birthday, Lani!!!
dets: CS: sugar and bermuda; Stamps: life's a breeze and essential sentiments;
 inks: amuse dye, latte, and blackberry; colored with Bic - Mark It colored pens;
Other: french roast twine

We'll be celebrating her birthday at Jade dynasty at Ala Moana mall...maybe we get to check out Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. I hate being broke...all the things retail therapy can do for me.  Too bad I don't have any mullahh (maybe it's a good I'm left to wishing on a star and window shopping. 

C'est la vie!

Happy Sunday!

Life's a breeze and essential sentiments for sale at my webstore.
June spotlight on sale till July 15th!
*Life's a breeze, Keep Swimming, Sea Shells, and Classic Alphabets*

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Happy Fourth of July 2011

This year's fourth of July turned out to be a very memoriable day.  
 I thought I wouldn't have much to do but the night before as I was surfing thru Facebook, I noticed my cousin, Ryan had planned to go to Nick and Nate Julian's soccer game.  I've never had a chance to watch them play so I asked Ryan if I could catch a ride. Luckily he agreed and we hung out for most of the morning.  It was a nice blessing because we were treated to a breakfast potluck after the game. 
Although the boys lost this championship, (1-0) they got second place but they still get to play one more game and go to the Big Island.  What a treat for them.  For our breakfast potluck, the parents brought out gas stoves to make so much food!  We had: eggs, spam, portugese sausages, vienna sausages, bacon, omletes and portugese bean soup!  There was also donuts, sweet treats, fruit cocktail, watermelon, and pandesal!  We were so full that I didn't have to eat till dinner time!
What a treat and a blessing!

The UFO I caught on film

During the game Kathleen texted me to see what my plans were.  My only plans were to make military cards for the 4th and nothing else, really.  So she asked if I knew how to get to Schofield Barracks (the Army base up north), I just told her to head towards Wahaiwa.  Then she told me about the annual event they hold every year.  I'm glad she told me about it because it was a blast!  It was filled with friends, fun, food, and UFO's! 

We had such a great time.  Although it rained 15 minutes before the fireworks show-we were drenched-the show still went on and the rain stopped.  Luckily Velma decided to buy 2 umbrellas at the craft and product area the rain didn't ruin our parade. 

Enjoy the picture slideshow of our day!

July Blog Hop!!!

You Rock!
in the spotlight
dets: CS: sugar, blueberry, and cherry; Stamps: rock star and tiny star;
inks: amuse dye and momento lady bug; Others: cherry twine.
July's blog hop is about what this month stands for: our freedom and independence but most of all: those men and women who was, is, and are out there sacrificing their lives defending our freedom.  A very special friend of mine lost his life in Iraq 3 years ago and I have family members who are currently in the military.  This card is especially dedicated to them: Josh M., Gordon D., Jonathan D., Wilma L., Jesand A., John M., Russell S., and many others....

"If you are participating in the blog hop, you should have come from Dana Vincent's blog and if not, then you should start from the beginning with Samantha's blog until you come to my blog.  Now on to your next stop Regina Ellison's blog.

Thank you for visiting!  Enjoy the Blog Hop!

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My 1st a|s workshop

6.26.2011 4pm
my 1st A Muse Studio workshop!

It was a fun, creative, and relaxing day of a|s cardmaking!  The attendees were my sister, bff, and my bff's 11 yr old daughter. They were both beginner stampers, so they needed more time to learn the basics.  I may have been a little tough on the basics, but they fell in love with all the techniques that were taught.  All 5 of the cards that they made turned out so pretty and creative!  We masked, paper pierced, used copics, and used embelishments.  They were both worn out by the end of the night! :)

Guest book comments:

VM (the bff):
"Fun workshop! Very simple; thought it would've been hard but nos so.  Got to be creative. Easy to follow.  Very fun! Thank you! :)"

SSA (the sister):
"It was fun and great. made all these cards was great for the first time... =)"

AVV (the bff's 11 yr old daughter):
"I liked doing it!  I love being creative.  Thank you!!! :0"

Thanks for making my first workshop a huge success!

Schedule a workshop today!
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