Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The cookie has spoken

The cookie has spoken
Stamps: Fortune cookie, and fortune cookie word set

You deserve to have a good time after a
hard day's work.
Other: pink twinkle sticker

in bed.
Other: pink twinkle sticker
sayings slide in and out of fortune cookie

I love this new A Muse fortune cookie and clear set! I could not sleep the night I got it so I was up at two in the morning trying to figure how to have the fortune "slide" out from the cookie. So after trial and errors...waaa laaa...the cookie has spoken. This was inspired by Jen D, an A Muse instructor. Enjoy and may you have more enjoyable bed.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


All I can say is God is so awesome, nothing is coincidental, nothing created by accident, God had a purpose and a reason for everything he created. Watch this video (it's about nine minutes long, but SO worth it!) Enjoy!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The card that brought tears to my eyes!

the love of my life made this!

glitter in her hair
glitter on her dress and flowers
the bell is in 3D
lots of layers
<3 love <3
i think he sent this to Sarah
and his brother, Bobby
Need I say More?
It was made by my man! The love of my life-
Richie loves the Greeting Farm's stamps -I think more than I! He does such a great job with the coloring, check out Anya's hair! He even added the glitter in her hair as well as her dress!

Random Amusing Challenge # 21

The best card i ever made:
saltbox studio - celebration saying
hi, friend
it "pops" out
this is the best card i ever made
i gave it to someone very special
Romi I. <3
This week was not to use patterned paper and I almost used it! As I was about to adhere the pattern paper, I remembered! So I hope that the stamps doesn't count.
;) *wink*

This card is a new technique card I learned from Hero Arts, I believe it was from Jennifer Mcguire. I wanted to add a link but I can't find it now. Sorry! If I find it I'll up date this entry.

recipe: stamps: A Muse: essential oval set, oval frames, flower branch and saltbox celebration sayings. Notecard: A Muse chiffon green. Paper: DCWV latte matstack.

The first technique cards are usually the hardest but as I make more I know it will be much simpler. Especially since I forgot to add the part where you pull to make the card "pop out."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I love Copics!

The news have been warning us Californians about being prepared for fires and I think the first thing I would grab is my Copic markers! I'm serious. We got new markers and Rich won't stop till we have all the colors! He found an art store in SD that sells it much cheaper than anywhere else. The money we save on Copics can go towards buying new A Muse stamps @ Paper Tales!

100 Operation Mail Call cards!!!!

Today calls for a Celebration!
I made my 100th card (still got more to go....) and it's amazing! I'm excited to create more cards and as soon as I come up with my game plan for Operation Mail Call, I'll really have the ball rolling! Woohoo!!!
As soon as I figure out how to create a slideshow and my camera battery charged, I'm gonna take some pics.

Monday, April 20, 2009

CPS 111

I'm about a week late on this challenge but I love the sketches that is posted on CPS. This week does look difficult. It's more a semi-case card but I don't remember where or who created the card. There is so much talent out there that it amazes me!

recipe: stamps-The Greeting Farm Rock the Farm and Mcsplendid Farm; patterned paper-DCWV gitter stack; card base-unknown.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Case of the Curious Card III

Yesterday, I attended a dear friend Diane's baby shower and she blessed me with paper! So many pretty papers, my mind was racing of the cards I can make! Thank you so much, Diane! It was very sweet of you! I appreciate it very much.
Here is the first "casing" for The Greeting Farm. Amazingly, this is the first time I've inked and colored her in. My BF has colored her in a few times and each time, he's done a great job. This is a casing of his coloring as well!
Happy Sunday, Blogworld, I wish I didn't have to work tonight-it's such a beautiful day out!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Keeping it simple

Here's more cards from A Muse, Think A Muse, Think Simple. I'm so addicted to these stamps it's worse than an drug addiction! Richie bought me 11 more copics last night and today I saw more Amuse-bouche sneak peaks! I'm in A Muse heaven! I can't wait for the new releases but I'm still catching up from the other releases! OMG, I'm babbling and salivating at the same time! Ha,ha,ha!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Operation Mail Call

From the start of my addiction with A Muse, Geeta had created a challenge for Operation Hero Mail. Her challenge was to create cards for our military personnel serving our country overseas. The result of the challenge, she had collected 1001 handstamped cards to be sent to our troops! It was a great way to show our support!(Hero Ian-The Greeting Farm)
The Rock Church Military Ministry has adopted a squadron: Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron One . It's been on my heart to create and send handmade cards to these guys and gals. The squadron consists of 350 men and women overseas. They are in battle daily and think of home constantly. By sending words of encouragement and support, they will know that they are loved and not forgotten. I've also created a new blog: Operation Mail Call. It is designed to have devotions to share the love of God, spiritual growth, and knowledge of the bible.
With Jesus all things are possible.
We love and support our troops and pray for their safe and speedy return home!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Amusing Challenge #20 Bonus Blog Candy

This week Glenda's challenge is special because it comes with blog candy! Help her celebrate her 20th challenge by participating in her weekly challenge. She's posted the prize so get your creative juices flowing and you'll have a chance at the yummy winnings!
This week she asked to create a card in 20 minutes. I honestly thought that it was fairly easy, until I started and realized that the most time consuming part of making a card is coming up with the idea of the card! I knew I wanted to use Kraft paper for the first time but when I inked up my stamp onto the paper, I didn't like how it turned out. So Plan B-
Think Simple, Think A Muse.

A Muse stamps, flower branch, pretty paper, kraft and hello sentiment.

Guys Night Out: ManCraft

Love of my life: Richie and Brandon
Brandon hard at work
Richie loves copics almost more than i do!
Sunday was Guys night in: Rich called it ManCraft....This is not an illusion, gals, these manly guys are really using copics, twinkle stars, pop dots, and stickles.

Brandon's creation
Check out the great work:
Richie's cupcake princess
Rich made the Sugar Plum Princess and Brandon made a few Hero cards. Pretty amazing if you ask me. They were so into making cards and ManCrafting they were up till 5 in the morning! That's FIVE hours after I went to bed!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Random Amusing Challenge # 19

Here's my card for Glenda's weekly challenge. This week was to use scraps. This was a fairly easy since I have tons of scraps! The only thing is new is the stamps, newly inked. Does that count? I hope so. Glenda, thanks for this challenge because I got a chance to clean and purge my scrap box! It needs more organizing but I got it down to three scrap boxes: large scraps, medium, and small-but-usable scraps. There were a lot of white card stock pieces that I could now use instead of using a new full sheet!

A Muse: stamps: three cups, what's brewing, other: twinkle stars, paper: vintage red, card base: wausau classic cardstock.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Today we celebrate the rising of our Lord, Jesus Christ. On Friday The Rock church hosted the movie "The Passion of the Christ." It was the first time I've seen the movie. There is so much to digest especially because it was only since last summer that I rededicated my life to God. Through the movie, I kept thinking, "Lord, you did all that for, me, a measly sinner, I am not so worthy of that!" But He loved us, each and everyone of us to die on the cross, to sacrifice his body, all so that we may have eternal life in Heaven!
Thank you, Lord, for your greatest sacrifice and your Love for us all! You deserve all the glory and praise!

Stamps are A Muse-mini chic bee (w/o the bee); basket from simple celebrations, and Eggstravaganza. Pattern paper from DCWV-Latte, A Muse pretty paper. The chic's shadow didn't turn out the way I wanted, but it's okay.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Simple card

Just a simple one tonight. I love stickles! No coloring on her dress, just stickles.
I'm exhausted! Today was the first time ever that I've given blood. It wasn't all that bad! I may do it again, although I will definitely have lunch before I give.
They did have yummy treats! Donate Blood, you'll be a true HERO.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mama said there'd be days like this

stamps: turtle, ant, mama said.., clouds
Okay, rough day for me at work and I feel like the turtle who is attacked from everywhere! They are even coming out of the sky! Lol...

I did win $2 in scratchers this morning so it's not all that bad. Thank God it's Friday and I've got the weekend off! Whew!

Like my clouds? Thanks to versatile A Muse stamps, I used the cupcake topper from the Cupcake builder. (My first A Muse stamps) Good enough until I have enough funds to get the real clouds, but hey, it works. :)