Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't be square challenge

Ian next to hummer
i went to the library to enlarge the hummer
stamp from a muse - hero mail
the greeting farm
it stands!
Other than the challenges on the A Muse lounge, this is the first challenge on The Greeting Farm. It's the Don't be square challenge. Do you recognize the the Humvee? It's from the A Muse Hero Mail set, enlarged to 350%. I didn't know how to enlarge on my scanner so the lovely ladies at the library helped me out. Thank you! On the inside I stamped the sentiments: "we salute you" and "looking forward in your safe return." I'm so excited for my project (mentioned in my earlier blog) I actually got started, now it's just to get it together and present it. I've spoken to one of the leaders in charge and I'm hoping to get a chance to speak to the main leader in charge. More on that soon! Keep your fingers crossed and me in your prayers!