Friday, November 20, 2009

Four months?!?

Wow! I can not believe it's been Four months since I've entered in my blog!!! So much has happened in these short (but seems like long) months. First I've dedicated to God Five months to revolutionize my life and He did it in three! I've still got a long way to go but OMG, I have changed so much, I don't know where to start! Okay, here's the long story short (hopefully one day I'll be able to re-write it in more detail...) In the beginning (since my last post~) God was there...I've been interested in finding out more about a school my friend Jenn told me about. The Horizon School of Evangelism. Four months ago, Jenn mentioned HSE was having Vision Week-an intro about the school. I just knew I had to attend. I had a chance to visit twice before: Once during Jenn's Vision Week (the beginning of her semester) and on Friend day. I missed her graduation ~ partly because of drama (yuck!). The thought of attending HSE never really crossed my mind, just the sense of attending Vision Week. So the first day of Vision, a leader, Michelle, asked "Why not this semester?" Of course, I had my job, my promotion, my raise, my set schedule, my CSUSM, and my excuses. So I got an application and prayed about it. Each day God's been tugging at my heart "For a time such as this..." My soul was saying "why wait? why put God in the back burner?" My flesh said "no way, next semester, you'll be good next semester." So by Friday I turned in my application and Thank God, I had tuition~ AND I quit my job and school (California State University of San Marcos ~ I was on my way of finishing my Bachelors degree). Saying yes to the Lord in this way was very scary to me. It was a new way of living, not having a job. I was okay with it because I knew after I quit I could cash out my 401k. But that's another story. This was a MAJOR step in FAITH for me.
The interview with Robin was so revealing! She pointed out that I was the shrub in Jeremiah 17, in the dry desert. That day I cried my heart out to the Lord; I was this starving and parched child of God that was left in a dry wasteland of Life, so wanting to be freed, feed, and nourished! Robin welcomed me with open arms into the school and I prayed she was my leader. She's so beautiful, a Princess of the King of Kings, Our Heavenly Father. That next week, I had the chance to meet so many more "children of the King". New found friends but I was so shy. That week was Wilderness prep and more of the bible teachings. We were placed in "families" and I was so quiet, not wanting to ask questions or talk to anyone really. I felt like an outsider, an adopted child, the unwanted. Wilderness changed all that.

If I wrote a book of my life it would be called: My Train of Thought Crashed into God's Island of Peace. It does need a shorter title, though.

Humm....anyways, yes, Wilderness was such an amazing trip: a week of hiking on the beautiful island of Catalina, California. I was placed in a wonderful family: Tiffany and Matt (leaders) then my "sisters": Pam, Diana, Marnie, Brittan (so wonderful her parents named her after the land of greatness! lol), Jessie and Jackie. My "brothers" are: Mike ("Get in the truck kids! Time for ice cream"), Dave, John, Wil, and Cody. The leaders encouraged us that whatever issues we had in life to take it to the island and leave it there. I did...but the peace of the changes I've committed to is still an ongoing process. I hope that makes any sense. :)

We went on wilderness as friends but returned to school as a united and loving FAMILY. HSE2 sent us off with style and we returned the love by sending them out in style as well! They were leaving for Nehemiah (HSE2's version of Wilderness ~ they studied the book of Nehemiah all day, non-stop); The students for HSE1 got together and planned (it was so last minute ~ thanks to Wil and I working together) "one of the best send offs" (quoted by Ali, a leader). We had the works: The guys as luggage valet, we had two rows of greeters, lavish breakfast buffet, Heather, Brittan, Jay, and a worship group saranading everyone. It was GREAT!

After those trips we had the Huddle, where all the older alumnis and missionaries, get together to talk about the mission field. We had the privilege of "serving the servants, and washing the feet of the warriors". It was an amazing time! I did feel kinda bummed that on Saturday I was working but it became a blessing because I got to know my other brothers and sisters In Christ.

Dovetail was the only other outing besides outreach days outside of the school. Outreach were on Fridays where we went out to the communities (for example, Ocean and Mission Beaches, Old town trolley or Balboa Park) to share the Good News. It was all day worth of work, nothing but packing green beans ~ in food packs. Others had their own food product, and all the products had to be placed in each box in its specified place or else the box will not close. It was so awesome though! I wish I could describe it better. This is an experience I wish everyone could experience.
OMG, I don't know what I just did but I somehow erased so much! Ugghhh! Anyway, Dovetail was great...I wish I remembered what I wrote. Something about the food we had after working so
Well this is a long enough post I'll write more later. :)


  1. Hi Analyn, I'm glad you are on a new journey. Glad to get an update of what's going on.