Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swap Meet Adventures 6.11.2011

rain or shine, us girls are gonna sell you sumptin'

It was a fun day at the kam swap meet in Pearlridge, Hawaii. 

A long time ago, my brother, O and cousin, D; we would get up early Saturday mornings to sell our goodies...back then I was a 16-17 yr old teenager trying to make mulaah :) 

On this Saturday, we (my bff, bff's daughter, the bff's sister, bff's sister's daughter, and myself) had a very early morning start setting up the tent and all the goodies.  It sporadiacally rained throughout the 5 hours we were there, which worked out in our favor because each time it rained we had lots of new customers under our tent. We had over 10 bins of clothes, toys, baby bottles, a car seat, a lot of girly goodies, and a famous pair of sunglasses for sale.  The sunglasses became very poplular...i think due to the fact that it was the only thing left on my selling table.  Almost everyone who entered into our stall (in this order) picked them up, looked to see who it was made by, either tried it on or looked thru them, and then put it down.  All that but still no buyers.  Who passes up a great pair of sunglasses for $5 bucks?
This day, it was everyone who looked at it. 

The girls did a great job selling, they made over $100 bucks!  Me, I shopped more (I really didn't have much to sell) so I think I ended up in the red after the seller's fee. 
Oh well, C'est la vie.
It was an awesome adventure in selling goods. 

Although I didn't make all the big bucks that day, I did get a blessing by meeting and getting to pray for Kalihi Union Church's mission team to the Philippines.  Most of their goodies were donated by the church and I hope they walked away with a good financial blessing towards their trip.  Okay, I do feel bad and I'm sorry because I haggled over the prices for a Hello Kitty clipboard and a Hello Kitty photo album from $1 to $.50 cents.  I know that's bad especially since they are trying to make money for their trip.  I'm sorry guys, please forgive me!  They are very useful in my A Muse Studio business!  I will think and pray for y'all each time I use it.  How's that for redemption? 
All in all, it was a well worth adventure at the Kam Swap Meet!

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