Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Fourth of July 2011

This year's fourth of July turned out to be a very memoriable day.  
 I thought I wouldn't have much to do but the night before as I was surfing thru Facebook, I noticed my cousin, Ryan had planned to go to Nick and Nate Julian's soccer game.  I've never had a chance to watch them play so I asked Ryan if I could catch a ride. Luckily he agreed and we hung out for most of the morning.  It was a nice blessing because we were treated to a breakfast potluck after the game. 
Although the boys lost this championship, (1-0) they got second place but they still get to play one more game and go to the Big Island.  What a treat for them.  For our breakfast potluck, the parents brought out gas stoves to make so much food!  We had: eggs, spam, portugese sausages, vienna sausages, bacon, omletes and portugese bean soup!  There was also donuts, sweet treats, fruit cocktail, watermelon, and pandesal!  We were so full that I didn't have to eat till dinner time!
What a treat and a blessing!

The UFO I caught on film

During the game Kathleen texted me to see what my plans were.  My only plans were to make military cards for the 4th and nothing else, really.  So she asked if I knew how to get to Schofield Barracks (the Army base up north), I just told her to head towards Wahaiwa.  Then she told me about the annual event they hold every year.  I'm glad she told me about it because it was a blast!  It was filled with friends, fun, food, and UFO's! 

We had such a great time.  Although it rained 15 minutes before the fireworks show-we were drenched-the show still went on and the rain stopped.  Luckily Velma decided to buy 2 umbrellas at the craft and product area the rain didn't ruin our parade. 

Enjoy the picture slideshow of our day!

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