Sunday, July 31, 2011


~7.31.2011  3:33pm  txt~
Mung: I miss hearing ur voice, ur laugh, u calling me mung, princess and sweetheart.  I love u babe.
Pung: Hey babe...sorry i havent called or texted but ive been werking an sleepin alot...this job an heat    
have been kicking my ass...i went in to work at 7 am yesterday and didn't get off till midnight! today is ma only day off and im just trying to recover...
Mung: Babe- i wanna get a tatto with ur name on me.  where should i put it?
Pung: uh tattoos r bad luck love...
Mung: why u got my name on u. 2 bad it came off. what r u saying?
Pung: idk babes im not really saying anything..i feel like after i got your name on me thats when you left...
Mung: but we r still 2gether
Pung: i know but its what not the one that came up with that one...everybody tells me that...
Mung: ur not the one who came up with what? everybody tells u what?
Pung: that getting someones name tattoed on you is bad luck
Mung: oh.  i love u tho  i useed 2 say that 2.  remember how i reacted when u came home 2 show me what dumbo did 2 ur chest?
Pung: yea..its what ev though love
Mung: when we get married then.  ill put ur name on my body
Pung: aight then lover...its a deal...
Mung: pinky promise?
Pung: yupperz...babie love let me text u later...i wanna ya
Mung: ok. me 2. im tired. love u 2. muah beso baby.

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