Thursday, September 1, 2011

my sweet love affair

Oh how I love thee; let me count the ways.

Hour by hour, your fragance envokes silent memories of days gone by.
Day to day, I am serenaded your lovely lullaby.
Fourteen days of passion on my lips.
Sweet fifteen: oh, the creamy yumminess on my hips.
I am transported into the heavenly realms,
I crave thee morning, noon, and night.
Most deep-seated longing, it bellows from within.
I love thee open-handledly, as men strive to pursue,
I love thee completely, devoted solely to you.
I love thee with a zeal for the delicious obsession, I cry out "yes, you are mine!"
The hands of the saints are worthy of the magnificent names uttered.
Between my hands and on my lips
I can't get enough of my Starbucks drinks!!!

An adaptation to Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem
"Oh how I love thee"

Gold Status!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the beginnings of my writing.  I'm so excited because school started and I'm in a class called "The Art of Story". 
It's challenging because I can't write but it inspires me~one day my book is gonna be written!

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