Thursday, October 6, 2011

Position Paper ~ Love


Love is the overflow of affection of one’s heart towards God and other people.

One cannot love God and love others without God's love because God is Love.

God’s love is indescribable, unfathomable, and all the while unconditional as
we mere humans can only grasp a portion of what Pure Love truly is.

This cascading affection from God that spills out of my heart is
acted on, motivates, and pursued upon to enable me to effectually hear His voice.

The rippling effect causes me to be aligned to what He asks me to do, whether it is to be a
witness of God’s goodness or help an old lady with her heavy bags onto the bus.

His unfailing love for me is too much for me to bear as I am completely unworthy of the
 selfless passion Jesus sustained on the wooden cross,
but it is humbly accepted by me, one saved by grace and mercy.

It is because of how He Loves me, I know that He will provide
a husband and partner to be an example of
the sacrificial love of God and his bride,
the Church.

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