Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Season of Ouch

On October 17, 2011; I ruptured my achilles when I was skateboarding down Ala Moana Park.  It's been two months and I'm having the time of my life.  Although the first two weeks sucked, I realized and got to experience so much and I'm so very grateful for each moment.  The story of how it happened is pretty funny, actually. 

So I was super excited when I met this guy on the bus {it was super late, I was hanging out in town with a friend of mine} who had a skateboard.  If you know me, I'll talk to anyone and this night my new friend was talking to me about skateboarding.  He told me he was actually selling a board but he won't be selling in until two weeks-or I didn't have money until two weeks?  I forgot...but anyway; he ended selling me a Sector 9 longboard and I was super stoked about it.  That was Saturday. 

Sunday I got to cruz around some more with "Captian J" but I had to study for my Critical Thinking final the next day. 

On Monday, I was even more excited because after my final, I asked another friend of mine to teach me the was cool and then I set out to ride around at the beach.  At the beach I got to practice what i just learned but as I cruzed around the park i heard a "pop".  i felt pain but i was more worried about my board.  It flew into the street and I somehow mananged a matrix style move,{i didn't fall!} causing me to run out to the street  to grab my board and then I sat it down on the grass, and sat on my board contemplating what I was going to do next.  I really didn't know who to call or what to do for that matter that I walked a block out to the nearest Starbucks to webMD my injury. 

At Sbux, the worker had given me a large bag of ice while i consulted the great internet doctor.  I was thinking of just walking back to the bus stop to go back home but the great old webMD said to go to the doctor since I heard a "pop".  I kinda knew that it was my achilles that popped, i think i read about it happening to someone before.  So I called my BFF and my sister, both was not able to pick me up.  So I ended up walking out 4 blocks to another main street to catch the next bus to take me to the hospital. 

Half way to the hospital, i really thought i could get back on my board {i thought it would be easier if i rode out there-yeah, i'm not that smart} but my leg was not having it.  it was worth the try. 

At the hospital, the Physician Assistant had confirmed that it was my achilles that ruptured, they took an ex-ray and placed a tempoary cast on.  They told me to go to the doctor in a few days and to stay off my feet, they also taught me to walk with my crutches.  As I left Queens' i met a guy who was tripping out when I was telling him about my injury; he was in shock when he saw me walking out of the ER with my crutches and skateboard.  Like i said, it was pretty funny. 

On Thursday i called the dr and he said to come in the next day.  So Friday the dr seen me and scheduled an emergency surgery for the following day.  Saturday I got the surgery and by his terms "it was a good clean repair".  NICE.  I stayed home for a week more and I was miserable because I was missing so much school.  I was missing my friends and I hate staying home sick or missing lectures for class.  UGH.  

I finally got back to classes and it took me a while to catch up but more for later....

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