Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Playing Tourist

The beginning of the year is always an exciting time. The newness of it even smells fresh and new.

Today was my first day of Physical Therapy and I'm so super excited about walking again! This morning as i was leaving, my mom noticed it too, she said "you're walking nice now." Nice!!! Thank You, Lord! <3 That made me feel awesome. Then I walked out only to watch my bus dive by...but it's all good because I can WALK! Even in my boot it's gravy. One of my FaceBook posts stated "that's my pimp walk, my gangsta stroll...don't make me Jackie Chan yo a** with my boot!" lmao... My Dr is hella cool and smart! It was super cool to hear that he wants me off my boot in a month! Yay! After my PT visit, I got to play tourist at the state capital. It was really educational and I was hoping to shake hands with our city's representative-I graduated with him! I got to Sit on the the governor's chair and rub elbows with a super cute state capital guy, good thing I looked cute today! ;p Playing tourist on our beautiful island is the best, I think imma do it more often! <3

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