Monday, February 27, 2012

A day off on the North Shore

Yesterday I had an opportunity to take the full day off to relax. The day started off as I spent the night at a friend's place, crashing on the couch. A wonderful nite of couch surfing, with a nice morning wake up. To my surprise, well, okay, not really, my car, Keone, was covered in pinkish maroon flowers and a lovely yellow love note from the city and county of Honolulu for parking on the easement of someone's driveway...whaaaa! Yes, lovely morning wake up.

I wanted to buy Keone's one month anniversary gift a little early so off to Walmart for the morning's iced coffee {with sugar free vanilla and room for cream} and I purchased a set of matching seat covers, a steering wheel cover and vent cell phone holder. The whole set was black with pink embroidered hearts and diamonds. We almost drove off to meet Mikey in the north shore with the top down but it was pouring rain!

We picked up Mijo and off we went to Three Tables...I don't know how to tread water so it was fun and scary at the same time, especially since there are sings warning of visitors "no swimming". It was a perfectly over cast day with a few wet showers, but it was fine, since we were already wet. This by far was the longest day I've spent at the north shore...

We ended our beach sesh with shave ice in the historic and pleasant town of Haleiwa, we were treated to a live band playing out in the street and we got a chance to visit an art museum.

This day made me realize that I am so lucky that God placed me on this beautiful island where every day is a vacation. We have the best beaches and the most comfortable weather around! Most mainland states are enjoying snow at this time and here we are, relaxing on the sandy shores.

It was super cool because we got to see whales breaching water off in the distance!!! It's such a magnificent sight to see!

The night did end after Vel and Todd aka Russell came out to meet up for late a late night hang out and late night din at Zippy's. These are nights to remember.

"For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

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