Monday, February 13, 2012

Season of Ouch - new old shoes

Today I got to wear a PAIR of shoes!!!
After 4 months of my season of ouch, I wore the same pair of shoes that I wore the day I ruptured my achilles.  I love this pair of chucks, my pink and grey ones. 
They are so .

Altho I did not get the formal "okay" from my dr., I did get scoldings from my Pastor becase I was baby-ing my leg.  I did get to a point where I was comfortable with my boot; I was enjoying my "pimp walk, my ganstah stroll".  David said "Why are you still in that? YOU need to stop babying it and get out of that boot!" Knowing this as true, I vowed to really work at getting my leg back into shape-right now my left leg is so gross, it's so skinny and weak. 

The reason I did not get the "okay" is because i have a new health insurance and they needed me to see a PCP, {idk what that stands for right now} and that new doctor needed to refer me to see my othopedic doctor.  So for now, I wait-without the boot. ;p

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