Sunday, March 11, 2012

Aloha Kona!!!

The plane landed safe and sound altho there werea few air pockets of turbulence that we hit. I hate those parts of flying, that and the take off and landing.

For some reason, the air feels much more fresh and the scent of Kona is very floral. I didn't have to wait too long and Victoria's beautiful home was a short distance away. I can't wait to see her home during the day. After meeting her family, we chatted a bit: catching up on the various things going on at school and had a chance to talk to her mom about the YWAM campus. YWAM was a program I actually thought of joining before I came to NHCC.

Before bed I snuck outside into the back patio, there was a sliding door that lead out from the room I stayed in. It's so beautiful here, as I sit outside the air is fresh and cool, I hear the sounds of what I think is frogs {I was warned about them}, they have a rhythmic melody, the sky is filled with bright stars and a patch of green trees are off in the distance. Her home is located on the foothills of a mountain and I see lights down below. There is a house about a meter down hill, it's lights illuminate its surrounding.

Good night beautiful Kona, when I awake, I hope to see the vast beauty of God's creation here on the Big Island. Until then, sweet dreams....


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