Friday, March 9, 2012

Camp Lokahi - pre-day 2

Lokahi in Hawaiian means "unity" which is to be expressed with harmony.  It's super cool that me going out there, I get to be a part of this harmonic uniting of hearts within kids and adults but most of all, the one who created us.  I googled Camp Lokahi on the Big Island and I found this video.  It so adorable!  I love how technology has given us the tools and resources just to do this...this makes me even more excited to go out there!  I can't wait!

Today's agenda is to have SBUX with the bestie, we received free oatmeal and I have a free drink coupon somewhere.  Oh, the joys of being a Gold Star member! 

I've had to write a book report on Wayne Cordeiro's Dream Releaser and as I hash out the final paper, I truely want my dreams released as well as become a dream releaser.  There are so many of my friends and people I know that have dreams hidden inside of them but life either tore it out of their hands or life left many scars that they are unable to heal; causing them not to be able to move on from that point.  I know I was like that: one who's dreams lay dormant because of the pain in my heart, the stones left behind, the heaviness of heart that I was unable to cope at times.  It's like when I was in my depressed season, when I felt complete apathy of life, I just wanted to end it all, not caring where I ended up in the after life.  It's a scary and dark place to be...but THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.   Sometimes it's just harder to see past our feet when we are in those storms of life.  I know we HAVE  to go through those times.  I feel horrible for those times, not because of what I went through personally, but because I had to put my best friend and Richie through those times.  My family didn't understand, so most stayed at a distance.  Well, my mother was upset and sad because she didn't know what to do, especially those days when I attempted to take my life.

Things do get better...even though we don't want to hear it. I am glad for those times, looking back in my sorrow I am more grateful and more appreciative of my mom, Velma, and Richie because if it wasn't for their voices that I heard, I would have been successful at having the power of God: the ability to take my life away. 

Luckily, it all comes full I join in with Camp Lokahi, it's in the unity that will ultimately bring me to my knees and recognize that it's not about me, but the God who created me because He loves me. 


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