Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flying by the seat of my pants...

I'm so super excited to have an opportunity to serve God in a capacity where I get to be a part of Camp Lokahi, on the Big Island.  Yesterday, as I was going through some emotional turmoil, I realized that everthing that happens is not about me, but about a God that is greater than I. 

I sat in the Library crying out my eyes out for softening of hearts, compassion of those who hear of the situation-to be without judgement, and just plain love and respect.  I was wrong by leading on a person, physically-because i enjoyed the comfort of his arms around me; but through it all, i learned that it is not in the arms of another man that I should be running is in the love of my Heavenly Father.  It's a daily struggle, to want to be content in my singleness, one that I want to desire and be happy in.  At times, it's a moment by moment, second by second fight: to take captive of my thoughts and actions. 

Today, as my spririts are lifted-i received a text reminding me to "not to forget to smile today", I was reassured that God is still on the throne and no matter what happens, it is he who soften hearts and in his sovereignty that all things happen.  God does answer prayers and today I also received a FB message verifying that the kids camp is still in effect.  I'm super excited! 

As I write a book report on Wayne Cordeiro's "The Dream Releasers" {which is a day late-because of my recent distractions}, I know that my dreams are slowly being released, and I too, can be a dream releaser: I just have to allow the process of the refinement that God is going to put me through, and be content in that. 

i <3 God

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